Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the G20 is in Toronto this year. Canada has already paid over a billion for the event and it’s money that a lot of people consider a waste, especially since it’s more than 10x last year’s.

Being the photographer I am, I saw it as a chance to take photos of something I wouldn’t normally see, anarchy! When I showed up to Friday’s protest I saw lots of interesting things, one was that there were almost as many photographers/bloggers/journalists as there were protesters! Lots of people there covering the event and I couldn’t get over the number of cameras. There’s not way you’d be able to get a photo of anarchy in action because the smallest scuffle would draw at least 40-50 people with cameras. If anything happened at this protest it would surely be captured in at least 10 cameras, still nd video.

This was taken during Friday’s protest, the weekend is when most of the action should take place.