This is my teammate Harlow in the car ride home from our tournament in Montreal this past weekend. I was in the front seat and when I looked back I liked how the light was catching his face so I got him an an angle where I could easily cover up the car window. Yes, there was some photoshoppery here, but I like how it came out.

You may have noticed that some things have changed around here, I’ve upgraded to version 2.5.1 of WP so I took this opportunity to update some things (like add a favourites section). You may see things alter slightly over the next little while, but give it a couple weeks or so and it should all be back to normal. I know I could have waited to fix all the “bugs” before I did this update but I I was lazy and just wanted to push it forward. I got a couple other things on the go and figured if I made it public then it would force me to fix things. So if you see any bugs, please leave a comment.