Who Needs a Thursday Anyways?

Sunday, November 12th, 2006

Hey everyone… just a quick not to tell you that the posts on here will be a little lacking over the next couple weeks… I’m currently at the World Ultimate Club Championships in Perth Australia and the internet is lacking b/c I have other things on my mind, like winning games. Which is what we did on day one… we only had one game but we won 17-5 against a UK team… I think they were called Herd Gathering or something like that. It was a good game but we defo came out with more power/intensity from the start.

It’s weird being down here with some friends from Toronto b/c Oz was another part of my life and now my Oz friends and TO friends are colliding and it’s kinda weird… almost doesn’t feel like I’m in Oz… but then again I was swimming in the ocean this morning. Man I miss living near the coast!

I will try update you guys how we’re doing, but I can’t guarantee how often it’ll be. Mind you there is free WiFi at the fields… beer tent and WiFi… such a good combination.

Oh and the Thursday reference is to the fact that I left Toronto this past Wednesday and arrived in Perth, Australia on a Friday… nothing like missing an entire day when you travel. 36hrs of travelling well spent… hahaha